it’s always better when you make it yourself

Preparing for Halloween this year was a blast. I’ve tried to think a little outside the costume-store-box for the past few years, which makes the day so much more fun. Last year I used 70 feet of tulle to create this ghost look, inspired by I was a bit creepy and took up a lot of space, but now I have lots of tulle if I ever want to make a wedding dress.

This year I decided I wanted to be a little less scary. My primary inspiration was this beautiful mask from etsy. What could I dress as in this mask?

photo courtesy of etsy

How could I also wear the tulle I apparently love so much? A fairy! I found this fun tutu on etsy, as well. I probably could have made this myself, but this one was so beautifully made and ended up probably being cheaper than the supplies I would have bought.

photo courtesy of etsy

I added an eggplant t-shirt and leggings from American Apparel. By the way, their basic t’s are amazing. I ordered four more in different colors!

photo courtesy of american apparel

photo courtesy of american apparel

The most important part was the wings. I decided that I would make these from scratch. I bent some floral wire into the desired shape, wrapped all the wire with purple yarn (this took forever), wrapped the edges with purple “fun fur,” and then added some flower embellishments. These took HOURS to make, but it was worth it.

I thought I needed even more pizazz, so I added a homemade ribbon necklace.

Finally, I added some rosette hair pins I found at etsy.

photo courtesy of etsy

On Halloween night, I teased my hair until it hated me and added lots of purple makeup…..And ended up being slightly scary, again. Oh well. I loved my costume- I think I need to have a costume party so I can wear it again!


One Comment on “it’s always better when you make it yourself”

  1. Jackie Thrasher says:

    Not sure if you are still using this blog (I hope you are!) however, I was wondering if you have any tips/instructions on how you made the tulle ghost costume. I took the instructions to the fabric store today and they had no idea how to put it together. Martha’s instruction’s are a bit vague.
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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